Surprising Change of Heart

I'd like to share a moving experience I had this summer when visiting my family in Spain.

My mother spends her summers at her beach house in a small coastal town in the south of Spain. It is a wonderful place to be, and the fact that it is not very pretty has the advantage of keeping the crowds away.

My mother loves to take care of her family by making delicious meals when we all visit for the summer. Every dinner is a banquet. Her kitchen is often filled with the smells of fried garlic, onions, fragrant spices and fresh vegetables, not to forget the fresh fish caught daily nearby.

However, this summer I didn't fully want to go. I had considered going somewhere else. It took me a while to make the decision, but I ended up going.

My husband and I arrived one evening in the beginning of July to find my mother crying in bed. I was surprised because I had just spoken to her on the phone that morning and everything seemed fine.

Then, I noticed she had a cast on her arm. It turned out that she had fallen on the morning of the day we arrived and she had been in excruciating pain, especially when they had to put her bones back in place at the hospital. What seemed to make her the most upset though was the thought that my vacation would be ruined with her unable to take care of herself and others.

I must admit that besides feeling sad for her, I had some selfish thoughts as well. The thought crossed my mind that I would not be able to enjoy my vacation since I would have to be taking care of her. I would be doing all the shopping, cooking, and cleaning. I would not be able to go on a road trip with my husband as I had planned, I would not be able to fully enjoy the beach, or laze around as I usually do while I’m there.

I swallowed those feelings of course, and I started asking what needed to be done. I spent a few days on a roller-coaster ride of emotions, from resentment to acceptance and everything in between. Tapping on myself came very handy in some of those moments, very grateful to have this powerful technique to process those feelings.

I had some great times too. Probably the highlight being, canoe rides on a calm sea, and gazing into the crystal-clear Mediterranean. It was so beautiful seeing all the fish swimming below me, and mysterious rocks sparkling as the water moved around them.

In one of these reflective moments when I was distracted sitting on the beach and looking at the sea, I noticed a sense of profound gratitude, realizing what an honor and privilege it had been to take care of my mother and give back a little for all the years she has taken care of me and my family when visiting her in the summer. I am certainly not happy about what happened to her, but I am grateful for the opportunity that this situation brought to me.

It has been enlightening to see the many lessons and gifts that a broken arm can bring.



Say "Yes" to your Dreams


For too many years I was doing work and living a life that felt unfulfilling…

I know how frustrating it is to feel like you’re stuck and playing small when you know you have a greater purpose to express. Or feeling depressed by the idea of doing the work you are doing for one more year, but quitting and taking a leap of faith to do something you love, feels downright crazy. And I know about that little voice in the head saying “I’ll fail if I try to do something I love for a living” or “I’m too old to start over” and feel stuck and paralyzed to move forward.

It took years for me to say enough is enough and take the leap. But today I can say honestly that when Mondays come around, I no longer feel that sense of dread – I love what I do.

The steps I took to where I am today are the same steps I help my clients take and together we work on getting you to a place where you no longer dread Mondays either.

If you’re seeing this, it’s no accident, you’re ready for a new beginning – you’re ready to tap into your enormous potential, using your gifts and talents while doing work that fits your purpose in life.

If you’re ready to create a crystal-clear vision for how you’d like to express your talents and purpose in the world, apply for a complementary “Discover Your Life Purpose” strategy session. You’ll leave the session renewed, re-energized and inspired; ready to take steps towards creating a life worth living.

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Mid-life Quest for Identity

Sometimes your have to lose yourself to find yourself. It is during times of crisis that we find the best answers to our deepest questions. Maybe you have spent your prime years proving yourself, in a career that paid you well but left you empty.  Maybe your career was not your choice but that of your parents. Maybe you have been raising your children who now are gone and you find yourself not knowing what to do next.

If any of this applies to you, it is never too late to change course. You can emerge successfully from this crisis of identity and connect with the real you.

If you are wondering about your next steps towards a meaningful life in which you are able to put your skills and talents to work while fulfilling your purpose, one of the worst things you could do is to isolate yourself and ignore your calling. This is a great time to share with friends who are going through a similar situation.

Here are some questions you might explore together:

  • What do I want the most at this time in my life?
  • What do I regret not having done before?
  • Is there something more important and fulfilling that I can focus on now?
  • What have I put on the back burner that is crying to be free?

If besides friends, you are looking for a place to share or hear from others, you are welcome to join my Facebook group:

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You can also schedule a Free Strategy Coaching Session  with me and brainstorm about your next steps. You can reserve your spot below by filling out a short questionnaire.

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During the session:

  • We'll create a crystal-clear vision for the kind of life you'd like to have.

  • You'll uncover hidden challenges that may be sabotaging your success.

  • And you'll leave the session renewed, re-energized and inspired; ready to take steps towards creating a life worth living.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Lola Mont-Reynaud

Help needed knitting knockers for breast cancer survivors and patients!

If you knit, or crochet, there are many breast cancer survivors needing your help. They really appreciate having something soft that is made with love after a mastectomy.

If you can volunteer your time, check the link below to see videos about the organization, the kind of cotton needed, and the pattern.

We are trying to grow the community of volunteers since, unfortunately, there is a great number of women in need of knockers who are so appreciative when they receive them.

There are many groups knitting knockers in the US as well as in other countries, join us and change a life. 

Please spread the word!

Let me know if you nave any questions. ❤️


Taking risks, from time to time, ought to be an integral part of our lives, especially during middle age, and even more so, if we haven't done it before. We can't allow ourselves not to live our purpose, not to have the kind of relationships, businesses, or careers that fully resonate with who we are. We need to be able to hear a loud "YES" when we think about our lives, otherwise, this may mean that something needs to change.

Unfortunately, more often than not, in order to get that resonating "YES", we have to take some risks, and in some cases, big ones. It is time to pay attention to our deepest needs, and to question our choices in life.

For example, rate your reaction when you read the following statements:

  •  My current job, business, volunteer work, (etc.,) is the best place for me to express my talents and gifts.

  •  It is contributing to my well-being and the well being of others.

Rate your answers from 0 to 10. Zero meaning you completely disagree, 10 meaning you completely agree.

If your number is below 7, I would like to invite you to consider what changes you may need to make. As Wayne Dyer said: "Don't die with your music still inside.".

Please watch this truly inspirational video from Steve Harvey.

Note: Steve uses the word God in a few occasions, and I know this can be an uncomfortable word for some people. If this is your case, please fill in with "The Universe", "Universal Intelligence", "Higher Power" or any other word that suits you. There is an important message here. Please set the word "God" aside, if it happens to be an issue for you and enjoy the rest of the message.

Steve Harvey Video