It is a truly rewarding experience to connect with Spirit Guides during a session. Spirit Guides such as Ancestors, Power Animals, Professional Guides, Angels, and Ascended Masters are always willing to help us when they are called. It is their pleasure to support our journeys. In these exciting times on Earth, they are very close and they are eager to support us in our Ascension to a new consciousness—however, they will not override our free will; they will only assist if we ask.

The greatest and most important Activity of Life is Love, Devotion and Gratitude.
— Saint Germain

You can connect with your Spirit Guides during a session. Usually towards the end, when a trauma has been removed, and a new image has been imprinted with Matrix Reimprinting, they often come to offer further blessings and guidance. 

Spirit Guides have different functions. Some are teachers who help us with the lessons we are here to learn. Some are healers or protectors; others guard us against negative energies. All are there to uplift us and bring happiness and joy to into our lives and world.

There are also Master Teachers, who help us to fulfill our spiritual contracts. One of our most important guides is the Higher Self. We can develop our intuition and listen to the "still small voice" within.


Man becomes that upon which his attention rests.
— Sain Germain